The first feature from BAFTA award winning short filmmaker Michael B. Clifford, Turbulence is a character driven light hearted comedy centred on the lives of a group of late teens/early twenty somethings. All of whom are struggling in some way to come to terms with life and find catharthis in attempting to turn round the fortunes of a failing rock venue.

The story is engaging and dialogue witty and well delivered with some genuine laugh out loud moments, the Mr Darcy scene in particular stands out.  The characters are likeable and well written, and knowing that actors were all at stage school at the time of filming, credit should go to the cast for delivering the material well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them again on screen in the near future.

The film is based around the around the structure of a song, initially I was unsure of this and thought that it was a little perhaps a little gimmicky but on a second viewing I feel it gives the film a sense of the quirky that adds to the charm of the piece.

There is only really one major gripe I have with the film, the character of Christian feels forced into the film, he doesn’t appear to add anything to plot and attempts to fill a comedy relief role that had already been admirable filled by Connor Mills as Russell Shumway. Don’t get me wrong the performance itself is good, it just feels like the character was a little shoe-horned into the story.

Onto the music, I liked it, the use of real bands as the failed acts in the battle of the bands is another comedic highpoint. The band at the crux of the story (with the exception of the lead singer) play themselves and The Scholars can now count me as a confirmed fan. The only downside to this is that at times the film feels a little too much a promotional video for the band but that’s a minor gripe and doesn’t impact the film as a whole.

Overall Turbulence turned out to be heart warming comedy that whilst not breaking any new ground is a likeable and well made film that hopefully finds its way to a larger audience.


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